Terms of Use

The use, navigation and purchase of products in any of the FAMSA sites are governed by the terms and conditions specified in this document, and also are regulated by any assignation, policy, condition or sale requirement in which the information appears on the individual policies featured on this site.

FAMSA reserves the right to change and update our policies at any time without notice to the user or visitor to the site. 

It is the user’s responsibility to read and be subject to any changes in these policies. Any use (continued or first-time) of Famsa sites means that the terms and conditions have been accepted. We emphasize that the conditions and terms of purchase and any other sale requirement in other Famsa sites, in addition to this one, and or at its locations or branches, may vary. It is also up to the user to read, understand, and adhere to policies that correspond to the services received.

• Terms and Vocabulary 

By using this site and all pages Famsa, remember the following understanding: 

  • The terms “User” refers to any person who accesses, browses, registers or tries to make a purchase through the Famsa website, and through other pages from advertising or other means not specified. The user can make one-time or continuous visits. 
  • “Famsa” refers to all sites linked Famsa officially GRUPO FAMSA like,, and, or any other that may arise in the future. 
  • “Services” refers to any or all services related to, including registering for an account, a newsletter subscription, and other services published at the store, whether or not available through the Internet or Famsa locations. 
  • “Content” refers to any piece of information, text, images, audio Famsa published on the Internet.

• Restrictions of use 

As a user, you can access and view content that appears on this site solely for your personal use but not for commercial use. There is content on this page that can be copied and saved for personal use under the following restrictions: Do not copy or hold trademarks used in the content; do not modify or alter any portion of the content, or make it available to a third party. All content and intellectual property rights of this site are owned by Famsa Inc. 

By accessing Famsa’s content through this Website, user consents to strictly legal use, so it is forbidden to usurp the identity of a user without their express permission, to force access to the site or its code, or to carry out any fraudulent activities, utilizing images or content (whole or parts) of the site.

• Property Rights 

  • All logos, trademarks, commercial names and their logos used on this site belong to their respective owners, including Famsa’s providers and partners. Therefore, the use, reproduction, copy or handling of such marks or logos are not permitted without the prior consent of the owner. 
  • “Famsa” refers to all sites linked Famsa officially GRUPO FAMSA like,, and, or any other that may arise in the future. 
  • All images, formats, contents, copy and text that are part of the content of this site are owned by Famsa, Inc. 
  • It is forbidden the use of the formats (frames), transmission or reuse of any graphic content, either for sale, distribution or publication.

• Sharing information with FAMSA 

Through the chat, or email to customer service, or through the operators of our toll-free phone number, user may want to provide suggestions, comments, ideas, data or material, including confidential information, or any creative materials, such as ideas for products or services or any original task. By doing this, user agrees that Famsa, Inc. may use this information at our discretion. 

In addition, user consents to take responsibility for the accuracy and legality of such messages. Famsa has the rights to use, modify, copy, publish, distribute and use the content from different forms of messages or chat, and to do so without restrictions and without providing user with any compensation. 

• Modifications on the Website

Under no circumstances, Famsa ensures that content and information on this website are accurate and free from any type of error, omission, or inaccuracy at any time. These errors, inaccuracies, or omissions may relate to prices, descriptions, or product availability.


FAMSA reserves the right to correct any content, or change and update information without previous notice. Likewise, we reserve the right to cancel any order that contains mistakes, inaccuracies or omission in customer information, even if order has been authorized or confirmed, or if charges to customer’s credit card have been made, or if we have received a bank deposit. In the case of order cancellation when a charge has been made, the amount of the charge will be refunded the most convenient way at the occasion, according to previous confirmation by customer.


At all times Famsa tries to reflect product colors with accuracy, even though in an online environment that is not completely possible, so we cannot guarantee that the actual product colors correspond exactly to the product image displayed on our website, since that also depends on the configuration and type of monitor user possesses.